Ferdie the Elf’s Christmas Calendar

Ferdie the Elf’s Christmas Calendar is a silent comedy TV-series full of magic, produced on location at the Arctic Circle of Finland. In this mini series the good hearted Ferdie the Elf tackles (almost) all the problems that arise at the Arctic Circle while Santa himself is getting ready for his annual journey around the world. Ferdie’s extravagant style on handling the issues is bound to bring in some new troubles – and make the whole family laugh in tears.

The series is directed by Antti Kairakari and consists of 25 3-5 minute episodes. The series is ready for airing in December 2017 and may be used as a part of children’s magazine programs, as stand alone fills between the programs or for example as video content on websites wanting to share a bit of Christmassy feel and good moods in December.

Ferdie the Elf lives his life at the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. Together with Santa Claus they spend their days at the Santa Claus Office, that has been open for visitors the last 8819 days in a row. Altogether about 8 million people have visited Santa Claus and Ferdie there during the time.

Over 2250 media companies, film crews, and TV shows from about every country in the globe have visited the Arctic Circle, including BBC, CNN, Rai, CCTV, Reuters, Globo and Associated Press. The President of China Xi Jinping visited Santa Claus Office in 2010, Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India 2014 and always so lovely Spice Girls in the steamy nineties.

Santa Claus Office is truly the real home of the old white beard. Ferdie’s Christmas Calendar is the first TV show to be produced around the stories in Santa’s Office. Ferdie the Elf’s Christmas Calendar will be filmed on location at the Arctic Circle and the TV-series will consist of 25 episodes of 3 to 5 minutes in length.

The series is out in 2017.

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Something is in the Air

Something is in the Air is a short film written by actor Antti Aatos Kaarlela and director Antti Kairakari. The screenplay is set in a fictional small city somewhere far from the big centres of Europe and the short film will be shot in May 2016 in Matera, Basilicata, Italy. The cast of the film includes Antti Kaarlela and four Italian actors, who are cast locally. Something is in the Air is a romantic Comedy about one tourist and two local people, who all search for something new in their lives. It is a story of misunderstandings and bad deeds leading to surprising outcomes.

The short film is aimed for festival distribution and will be shot in English and Italian and subtitled relevantly.

Football Dreams

Football Dreams is a documentary about a bunch of international footballers, aspiring and former stars, who have all somehow ended up in the far North of Europe, while chasing for their dreams. Football Dreams features for example a Nigerian former super star Daniel Amokachi and aspiring American footballer Denali Murnan, who both wish to be able to use the city of Oulu in northern Finland as a spring board towards achieving their dreams in the world of Football. What is strange, is that they have come to Finland where football is a minor sport and to a small city close to the Arctic Circle where the pitches are covered with snow for a major part of the year. Up here the level of football is far below of what they have been used to. Can Oulu prove out to be the stepping stone they are desperately seeking for?

Tapahtui näinä päivinä (Short)

Tapahtui näinä päivinä – One of these days is a short film written and directed by Aleksi Puranen. Set in christmassy Northern Finland it tells intertwining stories of two men who have lost the connection to their families some time ago. At the Christmas Church a young boy ignites a chain of events that during the same Christmas leads to both of the men not only meeting each other, but also finding a way to establish a new connection to their loved ones.

Intended running length 5 minutes.

Cast: Hannu Kangas, Antti Kaarlela, Tuula Meisaari-Toiviainen

Language: No dialogue

Status: In Pre-Production

Release: December 2016

I will Never Decay (Docu-Drama)

I will Never Decay (working title) is a docu-drama feature currently under development in co-operation with Klaffi-Tuotannot, an Oulu-based production company. It follows the story of vicar Nicolaus Rungius, who lived in Finland during the European 30-year war. Nicolaus’ life was full of interesting traits and after his death his fame started rising. The church of Keminmaa with his mummified corpse has been and still is a site for pilgrimage in the far North of Finland. This is due to his words: “If I have always told you the truth, my body will never decay.” And somehow that happened.

The document part follows researchers of the University of Oulu, who investigate how and why Nicolaus’ body got mummified and while doing so reveals interesting facts about the life of Nicolaus. The drama section concentrates of bringing life to the stormy days the 16 hundreds when a mans life was cheap and the church had a lot of power over people.

Shopping (Short)

Currently under development, shopping is a short movie written by Antti Kaarlela. It is a comedy about need for help and how that can lead to strange situations. The protagonist of the movie, Timo, being slightly “different” has hung on and lived with his father up to late his 30th Birthday. On that day his father, a seriously problematic drug addict, sends Timo shopping and there is a comedy cooking.

A Forrest Gump -like short will be aimed for festivals.