The Arctic Kids Series are already on on Amazon Prime, ETV (Estonia), PebbleTV (Netherlands) and ToonGoggles (US). Who will be next to hop on board?

Watch pilot episodes and trailers here.

The Arctic Kids Series: FERDIE!

FERDIE! is a non-verbal comedy TV-series full of magic, produced on location at the Arctic Circle in Finland. In this mini series the warm-hearted Ferdie the Elf tackles (almost) all the problems that arise at the Arctic Circle while Santa himself is getting ready for his annual journey around the world. Ferdie’s extravagant style on handling the issues is bound to bring some new troubles – and make the whole family laugh in tears.

12 * 5′ 30″

The Arctic Kids Series: Flippie’s Cookbook

Flippie is a tough cookie to crack in the kitchen. She loves to cook, and in her kitchen, a lot of funny and unexpected things can happen – the kitchen can transform into a laboratory or a scene from a western film! Flippie creates wonderful snacks that kids themselves can make at home. Play and imagination play a big part in Flippie’s world, and her creativity offers many various ideas for the whole family to spend time together in the kitchen!

15 * 5’30”

Both FERDIE! and Flippie’s Cookbook are directed by Antti Kairakari and filmed in Finnish Lapland. Both series are ready for broadcast, and may be used as a part of children’s magazine programs, as stand alone fills between the programs, or for example as video content on websites wanting to share a bit of Christmassy feel and good moods in December.

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